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'April 1, 2007

Establishment : November 2, 1972
Capital : 39,000,000 yen
Number of Employees : 97(Engineers : 80)
Business Certification
Construction consultant : Minister of Construction No.1378
Geological survey business : Minister of Construction No.924
Survey business : Minister of Construction No.20635
First-class registered architect office : Hiroshima Governor No.1726
Construction industry : Hiroshima Governor No.18439

  Employee Qualification   Main Job  
Doctors of Engineering:2
Registered Professional Engineers:5
Civil Consulting Manager-RCCM:9
Licensed First-class Architects:2
Licensed First-class Civil Engineers:16
The information processing engineers:3
The electric chief engineer:1
Concrete engineers:3
Concrete diagnosis engineers:4
Prevention-of-pollution engineers:3
Observational method in civil engineering and construction field
Miscellaneous structure deterioration diagnosis
Development and sales of Miscellaneous measurement system
Development and sales of Miscellaneous technical software
Production of computer graphics
Environmental observation and Environmental assessment
Hiroshima Headquarter
  1-665-1, Fukuda, Higashi-ku ,Hiroshima-shi,Hiroshima,732-0029,japan
  TEL:082-899-5471 FAX:082-899-5478 E-mail:HIR@krcnet.co.jp
Tokyo Head-office
  Ohmori YS Building,3-22-7,Minami-ooi,Shinagawa-ku,Tokyo,140-0013,japan
  TEL:03-3763-5150 FAX:03-3763-5523 E-mail:TOK@krcnet.co.jp
Osaka Branch
  3-2-18 Tarumi, Suita-shi,Osaka,564-1162,japan
  TEL:06-6821-0161 FAX:06-6821-0198 E-mail:OSA@krcnet.co.jp
Kyusyu Branch
  SK Building,2-2-25,Higashi-hie,Hakata-ku,Fukuoka-shi,Fukuoka,812-0007,Japan
  TEL:092-474-5206 FAX:092-475-0494 E-mail:HAK@krcnet.co.jp
Okayama Branch
  101,Nakasyo Mansyon,2415-1,Nakasyo,Kurashiki-shi,Okayama,710-0016,Japan
  TEL:086-462-8418 FAX:086-462-8628 E-mail:OKA@krcnet.co.jp
Nagoya Branch
  TEL:052-626-1070 FAX:052-626-1071 E-mail:NAG@krcnet.co.jp

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